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XH200 Features:

AllightSykes Sykes XH200 Xtra Pump
As mines and quarries go deeper, the Extra High Head automatic-priming, solids-handling pump set is designed to de-water more efficiently and effectively.

Boasting one of the best shaft stiffness ratios of any automatic priming pump on the market, its range provides the reliability to meet market expectations.
  • Low fuel usage
  • Reduced engine sizes
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Dry self prime and reprime
  • Close coupled SAE bearing frames
  • Operates in ‘snore’ conditions
  • Vacuum Priming option available for ground de-watering.

Standard Range (SR)

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Premium Range (PR)

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Pump at a glance

Maximum Suction:
Max Flow l/sec:
Maximum Head:
Solids Handling:
Priming System:

Pumpset dimensions

2040mm/6' 8"
3027mm/9' 11"
Dry weight:

Materials of construction

Pump Casting:
S.G. IRON 370/17
Suction Cover:
S.G. IRON 370/17
Air Seperation Tank:
S.G. IRON 400/12
Bearing Bracking:
S.G. IRON 400/12
Pump Shaft:
431 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Wear Plates:
316 Stainless Steel
Mechanical Seal:
Silicon Carbide cartridge
S.G. IRON 370/17

Design details

Pump Description:
Single Stage, volute type, 2 bladed
Suction Flange mm:
Delivery Flange mm:
Nominal Casting Thickness mm:
Solids Handling Size mm:
Operating Speed:
MIN: 1300rpm MAX: 1600rpm
Maximum Head m:
Maximum Capacity l/sec:
196 L/sec

Fuel consumption

Fuel Capacity Ltrs/US Gal:
2500 Ltrs
Fuel Consumption:

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Optional Equipment

Remote Start Options

The S35 Auto Start Panel allows for pumpsets to operate unattended in remote locations and start via float switch, radio remote control, GSM Modem Telemetry and is Modbus Enabled to allow easy communication with site infrastructure.

Optional Equipment

Site Trailer

High Head pump sets can be supplied on Integral or Bolt on site trailers for ease of movement in and out of sumps at mining and construction sites. Other options include hand brakes and wheel chocks.

Optional Equipment

Mining Options - Flashing light, Work lights , Jump start Receptacle, Fuel sender

Flashing lights are used to indicate if the pump is running to avoid the need of driving to the pit bottom to check pump status, Work Lights allow safe access to pump sets during night shifts at all locations, A jump start receptacle can be installed as an option to allow battery assisted starts should the pump set on board battery become flat, Fuel senders can be mounted in all fuel tanks chassis and in conjunction with the S35 Control panel will give you a current fuel reading and allow a fuel level warning or shutdown if required.

Optional Equipment

Pump Protection - Flow, Temp, Trailing Wire, Suction Pressure, Discharge Pressure

Low/High Flow Shutdown, High Pump temp, Trailing wire loss of flow switch, High Suction Pressure and High/Low Discharge pressure shutdowns can all be easily added and activated in the Sykes Custom designed S15 and S35 control panel.


With the growing requirement for the remote monitoring technology, Sykes is pleased to announce the release of our latest "innovative solution" the Web Based Pump Monitoring System.
This system allows for real time remote monitoring and control of your dewatering pumps which is available over the nextG or satellite network.
It is as simple as visiting the website and entering your unique username and password.
This will then give you instant access to all of your registerd pump sets, providing live readings and a working history at your fingertips.

Product Support

Selling you a dewatering solution isn’t a Sykes goal. It’s our starting point. We understand that you need to be able to rely on fast, fuss- free genuine parts and service and warranty back-up long after your pump has started doing its job. We have Product Support teams on hand to make sure you can access qualified, professional and highly skilled technicians when you need them most – whether you need a simple seal and bearing change or a complete pump overhaul.

Genuine Parts

With our extensive range of genuine parts, expert interpreters and distribution centers across Australia and the world, full preventative maintenance servicing and 24/7 breakdown assistance, dedicated warranty support and our team of equipment support professionals.

Term Life

Compressor Prime
Involves passing a jet of compressed air  through a venturi-type nozzle to evacuate the pump casing and suction line. It makes sure priming is fast, positive and continuous - even under snore conditions. The priming system has no moving parts. This greatly reduces maintenance requirements.
Vacuum Prime
Features a vacuum priming chamber which dramatically reduces carry-over due to the stainless steel baffle deflector plates and pancake float. Ideal for wellpoint dewatering and long suction conditions.

Maintenance info & packages

  • Extended Service Contract

    For added peace of mind, you can purchase an Extended Service Contract with your product. Our service centres offer total engine and equipment overhauls - from basic top end work to total rebuilds - and a range of general preventive maintenance and service options to suit your equipment and applications. You can choose three, six or 12 month checkups or have an individual schedule customised to suit your exact requirements.

The world’s best-regarded water management brands are united by a common vision - they’re engineered and built to make mining and construction projects safer and more productive while being sensitive to the environment.

Our flagship water management brand, Sykes/Primax has been a major force in the world’s auto-prime pump market for over 40 years.

Much of its success reflects its cleverly designed priming systems which improve fluid handling efficiencies and greatly reduce maintenance requirements. A ‘snore’ facility built into its ground-breaking auto-priming pumps, for example, means they can run dry without damage for extended periods.

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